Interior finishing for Innocean
in Frankfurt

Interior finishing: Office interior fitting of the highest quality in Frankfurt

Modern working: Expansion of an office world over four floors in Frankfurt

Expansion of an office environment on 2,600 sqm - an investment in the future


At the end of 2022, the interior fit-out of the offices of INNOCEAN, a communications agency operating throughout Europe, was successfully completed.

The new office space in Frankfurt on Main extends over 2,600m2 - spread over four floors - which is designed to motivate the team to work and invite them to linger.

The so-called "Town Hall" on the first floor offers space for communication. Presentation areas, lounge areas, break rooms and inviting kitchens can be found here.

The first physical point of contact between customers and the company is normally the reception area. Therefore, a particularly appealing implementation of the reception desk was chosen in combination with the use of a decorative textured plaster.

True to the motto "The employees should feel at ease", modern and flexible workplaces were created in an open space on the upper floors. Several lounge areas, quiet zones and meeting rooms as well as inviting, spacious kitchens on each floor complete the working experience.

Display International was the general contractor (GC) responsible for the production and installation of all carpentry services (kitchens, built-in cabinets, meeting rooms, TV furniture, seating landscapes, lockers) and graphics, the supply and installation of curtains and carpets, technical equipment for the kitchens, conference tables and locking systems, as well as the painting work for special areas.

Branch Services
Location Frankfurt, Germany
Size 2600 m2
Architecture Ippolito Fleitz Group GmbH (Interior architecture)
Photography Gunnar Mitzner
General contractor for office extension for Innocean in Frankfurt over four floors
Interior finishing: Spacious kitchens on each floor built by Display International
Display International is a general contractor for all interior fittings: Lounge areas, break rooms and quiet zones
Display International realizes as a general contractor the interior fittings of offices
Interior finishing company for high-quality office fittings and foyers in Frankfurt
Modern work: Expansion of break rooms, lounges and rest areas for employees
Interior finishing of office spaces: inviting kitchens for employees and break rooms.
High-quality interior fittings for office and commercial space in Frankfurt by Display International
Modern and flexible workplaces created in an open space by general contractor Display International