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Sustainability in
Exhibition Stand Building
and Interior Finishing

sustainability in exhibition stand building and interior finishing
Our Responsibility

Our values form the basis for sustainable exhibition stands and interior finishing – for a clean future in exhibition stand building!

We are committed to sustainability and have been developing innovative, environmentally friendly concepts for more environmental protection in our sector for a long time. We want to be able to act in good faith and satisfy the ever growing demands in interior finishing and exhibition stand building.

Our sustainability values are extensively incorporated into the various work processes and are advanced in a future-oriented manner with the support of internal capacities and external specialist planners.

Our goal is CO2 neutrality in exhibition stand building and interior finishing

Together with you, we want to realise interior finishing and exhibition stand building projects in a way that is as climate neutral and environmentally friendly as possible - talk to us about it!


We aim to continuously reduce environmentally harmful emissions, waste, noise, energy and resource consumption with the help of the best technology available and the commitment of every single employee.


It is especially important for the exhibition stand building sector to respond to the "material battles" of the past with well thought-out, innovative solutions - this is the only way that exhibition stand building can be made sustainable for the future.


Our goal is to optimise sustainability in all its facets according to the economic, ecological and social demands of our modern society and to permanently optimise our own strict value system within the company.

living sustainability through our own sustainability team at DI


Above and beyond the DIN standard, our own internal sustainability team deals with sustainable structures and solutions for our employees, production sites and client projects. The ecological balance of the exhibition stands and interior finishing serves as an orientation for the evaluation and coordination of internal design, project planning and production processes.

The specialist group, supported by specialist planners, was deliberately chosen to be interdisciplinary, involving members from all relevant areas. The sustainability team brings employees from technical project management, costing, design, logistics, marketing, sales, purchasing and production together. This constellation also creates points of contact for every employee in the company to proactively get involved in the subject of sustainability.

Sustainable Exhibition Stand Building and Interior Finishing

Multiple Use and
Sound Project Management

Reliable planning by our project management team always considers an ecological balance that is as sustainable as possible. Smart logistics concepts and the use of “green” certified materials wherever possible are just as important as environmentally sound disposal in manufacturing and in the entire assembly and dismantling process.

With our own storage capacities, we offer those interested in sustainability the opportunity to store and keep items that have been manufactured and used so that they can be used again and again. Resource conservation is our goal.
Our stock is constantly growing and our sustainability team is currently expanding it with a climate neutral “green” area for you.

We aspire to exhibition stand building with sustainable system components:

Reusable stand
building systems

Steel stages and substructures

Stair systems

Furniture and
electrical equipment

Multiple use in exhibition stand building is increasingly being advanced by us and our clients. This will greatly counteract waste production.

Materials and
Certified Suppliers

The choice of materials for your sustainable exhibition stand or interior finishing project starts at an early stage of the design phase by DI X Concepts, our department for communication in space. Our creative minds show you options that allow you to deliberately choose a sustainable appearance and present this to your clients in its design language.

Purchasing, project management and production work in close consultation to agree on the best and most environmentally friendly materials for your future project and to integrate them in the process. In this context, our purchasing department pays particular attention to cooperation with verifiable certified manufacturers.

Certificated materials in exhibition stand building and interior finishing for more sustainability

Certified Sustainability in
Exhibition Stand Building

Sustainable Recycling process for exhibition stand building and interior finishing

Certified Recycling Cycle

We ensure correct waste transport and sustainable waste disposal in production and on construction sites. We regularly check and re-evaluate the environmental impacts of our operational processes, services in exhibition stand building and interior finishing.

Certification through DIN ISO quality management, environment management at Display International

Sustainable thanks to certification
according to DIN EN ISO 14001

We undertake to observe the relevant environmental legislation, regulations and binding obligations. To satisfy this standard in all divisions of the company at all times, a comprehensive environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001 has been introduced, applied, maintained and further developed in the interests of the continuous improvement of sustainability.